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Vratvark Online Shop, we specialize in VHF, UHF and License Free Two Way Radios and accessories. Click on the product categories on the right for more information on the products as well as pricing. The ordering process is very easy – please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you need detailed steps on placing an order. Alternatively please use the Contact Us page to let us know if you need any assistance.

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These Two Way Radios are ideal for security companies and neighborhood watch groups. They can also be used to stay in contact during hiking trips. The optional external antenna is ideal for 4×4 outings or just to stay in touch on the open road. It is also ideal to extend the range on the farm and in small communities.

Instant communications, just Press and Talk.

Talk to MANY people all at the same time.

We focus on License Free Hand Held Radios.  Should you require a Mobile (Vehicle Mounted) radio, we can also supply these.  We offer a free programming service.  Just provide us with a copy of your ICASA License or relevant club license eg. Landcruiser Club, Land Rover Club, Off Road Radio Association or 4×4 Community Forum.

If you are interested in HF or VHF Mobile or Base Station Radios, please drop me a mail.
We also offer Farm Security Systems, details are available “On Request ONLY”.

Please make sure you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .