Please note: The original radio Vratvark (UHF) license free radio has reached end of life and is no longer sold, however accessories like replacement batteries are still available. An excellent replacement is the Bosvark (UHF) license free radio. In addition, there is now a Vratvark 2.0 radio available – this is a dual band (VHF/UHF) radio.

Q: How do I place an order on the website?

The steps to place an order are:

1) Add the items you want to order to your shopping basket by navigating to the item and clicking [Add to basket].
2) When all the items have been added, open your shopping basket by clicking [View basket].
3) Verify the items and quantities in your shopping basket are correct. You can make changes as necessary. At this point you effectively have a quotation.
4) Click [Proceed to checkout] to proceed.
5) If you have registered previously, please log in with your email address and password. If you have not registered previously, please complete the relevant address details for billing (and shipping if different from billing). You also have the option to create an account, i.e. this will save your contact details if you decide to place orders in future.
6) Select your payment method, i.e. EFT (electronic bank transfer) or Credit Card.
7) Click [Place order] to proceed.

At this point you should see a confirmation of you order on the website as well as the bank details if you chose EFT as your payment method. You should also receive confirmation of your order and the bank details, if you chose EFT as your payment method, via emailCredit card payments are handled by PayFast – you will be redirected to their website to make the credit card payment when you place your order and subsequently be directed back to this website once payment has been made. No credit card details are stored on this website.

Q: My details are no longer on your website?

Please note we have a new website as of the 1st of June 2016. You may have registered on the old website, but we no longer have your details in our database on the new website. If you intend to place multiple orders, we suggest you register again. Alternative you may choose to place a once off order and not register, i.e. not store your details in the database, however if you do not register it means you will need to provide all you details again should you want to place another order in future.

Q: How much do I pay for shipping?

All orders will have a shipping charge of R95.

Q: How can I track my parcel?

All orders are shipped using DSV (formerly UTI Sun Couriers) – shipments can be tracked using your Parcel (tracking) Number at this address:


Q: Do you require a license for the Vratvark, Bosvark, Yztervark or Vratvark 2.0 radio?

Yes and No, the Vratvark, Bosvark, Yztervark are license free radios approved by ICASA for operation in South Africa without a license.

The Vratvark 2.0 Dual Band and Mini Mobile Radios do require an ICASA or 4×4 Community Radio License, when operated on the VHF Frequencies.  The radios will be programmed accordingly.

Your License MUST be provided before your radio will be shipped.

Q: Are the radios ICASA approved?

Yes, the Vratvark, Bosvark, Yztervark and Vratvark 2.0 radios are approved by ICASA – the type approval certificates are available for download in the download section.

Q: Are the Vratvark, Bosvark, Yztervark and Vratvark 2.0 radios compatible with other license free radios?

Yes, the Vratvark, Bosvark and Vratvark 2.0 are compatible with other PMR446 license free radios (e.g. Zartek ZA-705, ZA-708, Pro8, Eco, Pro5 and ZA-200). To be able to communicate with a Zartek ZA-708 using its default configuration, the Vratvark, Bosvark and Vratvark 2.0 radios have to be programmed to use the same CTCSS tones as the Zartek ZA-708. This can be done on the radio. Alternatively, the Zartek should be programmed not to use CTCSS tones, which is the default configuration of the Yztervark, Vratvark and Bosvark radios.

Q: Do the radios come with a warranty?

Yes, the radios come with a 12-month warranty. The batteries and chargers come with a 3-month warranty.

Q: What is the range of the radios?

The range of the radios is greatly affected by terrain, so it is difficult to say what range the radios will have in any given situation. Line-of-sight it can communicate over a distance of up to 10km. Under special circumstances it will communicate even further. Also keep in mind that the optional external antenna roughly doubles the range of the radios.

Q: What is the difference between the Vratvark, Bosvark and the Vratvark 2.0 radios?

The Vratvark (UHF) radio was the original license free radio. It was superseded by the Bosvark (UHF) radio – the Bosvark radio introduced newer technology and a few extra features (FM radio and LED light / torch).

The Vratvark 2.0 (VHF/UHF) is a dual band radio that is programmed with and sells as a license free radio, but can it be programmed with VHF and UHF private or commercial frequencies. The necessary licenses from ICASA are required.