Harley Davidson WLA 750, Solid Silver & Gold Scale Model


Historical information

Marketing genius lead to over 90 000 Harley-Davidson WLA 750 motorcycles being produced during World War II. Not only did it ensure the continuity of Harley-Davidson but it meant that those who had ridden the bike during the War had an affinity towards it once back “State Side”. Most of the WLA 750 bikes were produced towards the latter part of the war from 1942 to 1945. Pre-VIN (vehicle identification numbers) meant some parts were stamped with serial numbers indicating the year of production. Unusually, all the war machines produced from 1942 onwards were stamped 42WLA or 43WLC for those supplied to the Canadian army even if they were produced after1942. Post the war, the plethora of bikes available drove prices down and many made it into civilian hands where they were duly modified giving rise to many hybrids including the famous Chopper. This cemented the ongoing popularity and diversity of the Harley-Davidson brand.


WLA 750 Harley Davidson

Post-World War II Motorcycle Designed late 1930’s

Scale 1:9


Motorcycle overall length: 240 mm

Motorcycle width: 95 mm

Motorcycle height: 125 mm

Weight of Motorcycle: 627 grams

Weight of Sterling Silver: 358 grams

Display Case Length: 380 mm

Display Case Width: 210 mm Display Case Height: 445 mm

Total Weight (including Motorcycle): 3.9 kg

Electricity supply: 110 to 220 V

Limited edition:

In Sterling Silver and Blackwood
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